Industrial & Logistics



Zenpark is an SME-park close to Brussels. In terms of strategy we have chosen to emphasise the durability of the project, along with the excellent location which combines very good access with an appealing view over the water.


It is important for future customers, who are also business owners, that they have a good idea on what they are signing up for. We created 3D images, folders etc. to sell the project in a very strategic way.


For these kind of projects we are not often requested to create a mediaplan since office buildings are generally led by specialised brokers or via their own website. We provide these agents with the marketing material they need to make the project stand out on their website.

What we believe in

We don't brag, we don't shout, we do what we believe is best! We apply technologies as a means to an end and not as an end in itself. And we don't hesitate to go that extra mile.

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