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Zeeparken – Your Trustworthy Partner In Holiday Parks At The Sea Side


Zeeparken is a chain of holiday parks at the Belgian coast. They sell and rent small white holiday houses at affordable prices. The image of Zeeparken was becoming old-fashioned an their notoriety was relatively low. The original website was very confusing and graphically unsound. We organised workshops with the management of Zeeparken to learn about their values (family – holiday – affordable) and started building up the corporate identity from scratch. New logo, new website, new everything. One extra challenge was to integrate a FOR SALE and FOR RENT category into the same website without confusing the customers.


We set out to create a clear and simple website featuring photoshoots with models.
Through pictures we expressed the values of Zeeparken and we introduced them carefully on the website. The website is updated regularly as this is a living and vibrant holiday park.
In addition, the Facebook page of the project is an important and interactive means to improve the communication and to create the holiday atmosphere. No high-level, highbrow stuff; a simple message to sell a simple product.


Although Zeeparken is a local project we needed to reach a national and international public. We used print and national newspapers on a weekly basis. For Germany we mainly used Google Adwords and Search.


Lead generation is quite high for the project and has been ramping up substantially since the launch of the website in October 2016. Most leads (2/3) come from people looking to rent a house for the holidays. High season for this kind of property is the first half of the year so we have to wait until July 2017 for some more conclusive results.

What we believe in

We don't brag, we don't shout, we do what we believe is best! We apply technologies as a means to an end and not as an end in itself. And we don't hesitate to go that extra mile.

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