Project Branding & Activation (Residential)

The Cosmopolitan (for Besixred)


The Cosmopolitan is the newest landmark in central Brussels, a pure white tower reaching into the sky, designed by BOGDAN & VAN BROECK. From the upper floors, it offers stunning views across the whole city. The Cosmopolitan is an exceptional opportunity for city-dwellers seeking urban perfection. This is exactly the story we want to tell. The name reflects this strategy and addresses an international mix of potential buyers.


The strategy is perfectly reflected in the marketing materials produced. The website tells and sells this story of urban perfection with stylish pictures and evening reflections. The interior 3D’s show furniture and lighting perfectly aligned with this style.


For The Cosmopolitan we went all out, combining traditional print media with online search tools and Facebook. Many competing projects were launched at the same time in this neighbourhood, so it was important that The Cosmopolitan stood out from the crowd.


Leadwise reports have shown that this visibility strategy worked effectively.
The campaign continues to gather leads at a steady pace and sales are following with one of the highest conversion rates.

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