Motown Parc


We spearheaded the development and marketing of Motown Parc for Motown Development, a project designed to seamlessly integrate modern living with the natural beauty of Scheutsbospark. Our multifaceted marketing strategy aimed to attract and engage potential buyers through a variety of channels.

Drone footage captured the breathtaking views of the surrounding parkland, showcasing the serene environment that Motown Parc residents would enjoy. The project’s website highlighted select units, allowing prospective buyers to visualize themselves in their new homes. The use of a vibrant color palette in marketing materials added a touch of modern flair.






Art Direction
Lead Generation

Our media campaign targeted both online and print platforms, ensuring maximum visibility for the project.

We strategically placed advertisements in relevant publications , while also leveraging social media to reach a wider audience. Our goal was to create a buzz around Motown Parc and position it as a a one of a kind project.

By combining compelling visuals, targeted messaging, and a multichannel approach, we successfully generated leads and created a strong foundation for the project’s sales success.