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La Rive (for CHZ)


La Rive is the 2nd Phase of the La Réserve project at the Zegemeer lake in Knokke.
La Reserve is an iconic spot in Knokke. A legendary venue where many famous stars came to stay when they were performing in the Casino at Knokke. The old site was demolished and replaced by a completely new building featuring extremely luxurious apartments built in 2 phases with a 5 star hotel in the centre. The apartments have access to the hotel services. The first phase was built some years ago and sold quite slowly which gave the project a reputation of being a difficult seller. This is the reason for which we chose to go for a fresh start in the 2nd phase and give the project a new name ‘La Rive’, which is French for Lakeside. Because Knokke itself is a coastal town that features many high-end shops, restaurants and a famous golf course, we selected the strategy: “Your hotspot in your city”. The goal is to focus on the many things you can do and experience in Knokke. When you go to Knokke, you can experience the Best of the Best. Exactly in line with the positioning of the La Rive apartments: at the top end of the scale.


The Hotspots strategy requires that we tell this story on the website, which reflects the same class and style as the apartments we are putting on the market. On this website we are featuring a map which shows all the hotspots, and when clicked a 360° image of that same hotspot appears. The brochure we designed is attractive, and also very modern and sharp. The 3D exterior images were pasted to the technical photoshoot we made of the already existing 1st phase and the hotel. The transitions are seamless.
The 3D interiors show design furniture consistent with the price setting and level of finishing of the apartments.


For La Rive we are advertising in Flanders and The Netherlands to reach a specific and wealthy public that can afford this kind of housing. There is also considerable visible communication on the site itself, which is along a busy main road, during the holiday period. Target groups include CEO’s, the over 50’s looking to move to the coast and 2nd home owners looking to trade up. Media are upscale offline and online mailings.


The campaign for this project starts in the second quarter of 2017.

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