Project Branding (Offices)

Ikaros Park – Designed For Your Success


Ikaros Park is a complex of office buildings right next to Brussels Airport in Zaventem. Ikaros Park was an ageing project that had been totally renovated by the owner and also needed a brand reboot. Basically, the whole project was renovated and brushed up to give it a new dynamic on the market.


A project website that features all the amenities of Ikaros Park and also includes an overall plan that resembles a wooden maquette that can be clicked on so the customer can see the unit which interests him. Offices are not always the most sexy product from which to create images, but in this case we managed to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere with evening images and good lighting.


This kind of project is mainly marketed through specialised agents. Some specialised media was used but a full marketing plan was not required here.


For these offices, purely designed for your success, we assembled a targeted and customised visibility plan. A wide mix of on- and offline advertising to help build brand awareness and to seduce institutions to come and work at Ikaros Park. An important aspect that was taken into account was the fact that Ikaros Park only offers rental spaces. As such, building a brand for years to come, was the key to success.

What we believe in

We don't brag, we don't shout, we do what we believe is best! We apply technologies as a means to an end and not as an end in itself. And we don't hesitate to go that extra mile.

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