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Erasmus Gardens – In The Middle Of Everywhere


Erasmus Gardens is a very large project in the south of Brussels next to the Erasmus Hospital in Anderlecht. The sales cycle of this project is very long and has many phases and target groups. Erasmus Gardens offers a wide range of expensive and also affordable apartments, student housing, retail spaces, etc… In short, the start of a new and upcoming neighborhood. This means that we need to come up with a strategy that has a long life span so it doesn’t wear out. Together with our client we have chosen to implement a content marketing strategy approach in which we tell the story of the site and its history while talking about the endless possibilities to live here in this new neighbourhood called Erasmus Gardens.


For Erasmus Gardens there is only one main website that features the different phases of the projects. All phases have their own names which are strategically chosen depending on the target group and positioning of the product. Our (in the meantime) notorious Erasmus Gazette holds the content and storytelling. This printed Erasmus Gazette is distributed in the neighbourhoods around the Erasmus area.


For this big project we need to reach different target groups such as investors, students, families with children,… all in different languages and with different messages.
This highly differentiated approach demands a combination of carpet bombing (for example the distribution of our Erasmus Gazette) and targeted advertising.


Lead generation is our second nature. For Erasmus Garden’s content marketing strategy, we have found the right mix of media channels (online en offline) and target the right audience resulting in a high number of leads (and sales) every month. The number of visitors that we attract towards our site are very high (new as well as returning visitors). Our out-of-the-box marketing initiatives (the Erasmus Gazette, Facebook stories,…) ensure a high range 360° visibility. Monthly analyses and reporting are important to improve and redirect if necessary. At Gabari we don’t settle for good if we can do better.

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We don't brag, we don't shout, we do what we believe is best! We apply technologies as a means to an end and not as an end in itself. And we don't hesitate to go that extra mile.

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