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"In a crowded marketplace fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace not standing out is being invisible."

Seth Godin

Digital transformation : Adapt or perish.

Digital transformation is a movement that questions existing business models and processes in function of the availability and affordability of digital technology, aiming for more efficient acquisition en retention of clients. This needs the implication of the total organization because these new technologies demand fundamental change.
There are a number of reasons why an organization should change, but the most probable one is: because it has to. It’s just a matter of survival. Quoting IDC : “A third of all top-20 companies throughout all segments will be threatened by new competitors, resulting in an ‘adapt or perish’ situation”. IDC also mentions that “70 percent of all digital transformation initiatives will fail in the end, as a consequence of bad cooperation, integration, outsourcing or project management”.

3D imagery. The excellent, the bad and the ugly.

Excellent 3D imagery is like top notch photography, with only one difference. It’s as real as real life can be, but it represents something that doesn’t exist yet. We all know why they’re used extensively in the real estate business : sales start long before the actual property is seeing life, and showing a building or unit in its full glory sells. Good 3D imagery is all inspiration and emotion. It’s about making potentials buying into the dream that what they see is what they will get. A new life in gorgeous settings. A spot where they will feel home. A place to spend many years to come. Creating that impression might seem easy, but -like many good things- it isn’t. It’s more than just bricks and mortar. It’s about lifestyle.

The buyers funnel : How to catch the right fish?

In the beginning, there is nothing. Nobody knows you, and therefore nobody can find you. More even, it is very well possible that nobody is interested in you.
At that stage, your target groups find themselves in the first phase of their ‘buying process’ : denial. There’s no reason whatsoever to try selling your product in that phase.
But what you cán do, is trying to get their attention for your product. How? Well, to convert every of their problems into an opportunity for yourself.
There it is : the first step into the buyers funnel.

Virtual Reality : To do or not to do?

You know the drill. You arranged a meeting with a young couple in the prime of their life. They’ve rented for a few years, saved as much as they could and now are ready to become the owner of their dream house or apartment. As an organised realtor, you’ve prepared their visit and arranged everything nicely, spotlighting the best looking points of the 2 bedroom apartment shine. The prospectus lies on the table, maybe with something to drink or some flowers next to it. The bell rings. Let the show begin.
Just one thing : the foundations of your project haven’t even been laid …