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The new Gabari hub.

The new Gabari hub.

We’re always enthusiastic about what we do for our clients, but now even more. And this time not only for them, but also for ourselves.

Why? Well, this week we said farewell to our old crib and moved into a new one. Even though we liked our former spot, the Keizershoevestraat just became too cramped for our team. More importantly, new approaches ask for new paths and a fresh spot that we can call ‘home’. So it was time to move on.

We had to search for quite a while to finally find the perfect match. But the long wait was worth it. We discovered an office space that we fell in love with at first sight. Not much later, the contract was signed. We swiftly (you know us) moved in the weekend of Nov. 4th, 2017 and were fully operational on Nov. 6th. And here we are.

“We deliberately didn’t put many images in this post : if you’re curious come and have a look.”

What made us fall for this office at the Arthur Matthyslaan 61 in Antwerp? Well, for one it’s a beautiful building, classified as architectural heritage. Built in 1938 for sculptor Albert Poels and acquired by architect Boud Rombouts in the mid-eighties of the 20th century. Lots of space, filled with vintage design elements, close to a park, near the highway so easily accessible. And since this week filled with a bunch of eager folk, too. Looking at our predecessors, there’s a perfect match with our business : smart, creativity, design, just that tad different than average. And since we moved in : a lot of real estate marketing know-how, too.

We deliberately didn’t put many images in this post : if you’re curious come and have a look. Meanwhile we’ll dazzle you with our knowledge, be it for strategy, 3D, print and online production, smart media or big data. And with damn good coffee. Always welcome!