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The buyers funnel : How to catch the right fish?

The buyers funnel : How to catch the right fish?

In the beginning…
In the beginning, there is nothing. Nobody knows you, and therefore nobody can find you. More even, it is very well possible that nobody is interested in you.

At that stage, your target groups find themselves in the first phase of their ‘buying process’ : denial. There’s no reason whatsoever to try selling your product in that phase.
But what you cán do, is trying to get their attention for your product. How? Well, to convert every of their problems into an opportunity for yourself.

There it is : the first step into the buyers funnel.

“Basic principle : offer the right content at the right time, and in the end, your prospect will ask himself for your solution. Don’t, and you’re not doing it right.”

The buyers funnel : one path, different models.
This way of looking at the buying process is mainly used in Inbound Marketing and in Email Marketing. Everybody reinvents the wheel to say exactly the same, but just with a different touch :

• Hubspot
• Marketo
• MailChimp
• Flexmail
• Avento 

Maybe this comparison will help :
• You’re a bachelor/bachelorette and you feel OK with that. One day, somebody asks you if you’re not too lonely and if you’re not craving for a new partner. This makes you think and finally you take the big decision : you want a partner, too.
• You start to search online, and based on the information you find, you select a possible candidate. You fix a date and look forward to have a nice coffee in a nice venue.
• On the big day, you arrive at that nice venue. Luckily, you know what your date looks like because you did your Google-work.
• It turns out to be a fruitful encounter. It looks like you have a lot in common and, yes, you find each other attractive, too. So you fixe a new date for the next date.
• Meanwhile, you chat, and Skype and text, and this only confirms the positive feelings you already had.
•After a second date, you both decide to give it a true try.

And then, the hard work starts… 😉

So far for the ‘lovers’ funnel’. They’ve chosen well and will Iive long and happily ever after!

We can’t help you with the dating stuff. But whenever you need a fresh eye on your buyers funnel or about lead generation : we might be your man/woman