Proptech. The disruption of the real estate market.

Proptech. The disruption of the real estate market.

Some say that the days are coming that the property market gets a long needed shake-up, and that it should be dragged into the modern day. Real Estate Techies (or Proptechies in our jargon) spotted this opportunity. They use technology to influence the client’s behavior and to improve professional processes. Some say that this is something to be very excited about. So are we.

“They use technology to influence the client’s behavior and to improve professional processes.”

Big bucks

Approximately US $6 billion in venture capital has been invested globally in Proptech since 2011, of which some 70% in the last two years. The volume of Proptech financing rose over 30% year on year, and should reach US $3 billion by the end of this year. There’s a good reason for that: automation cuts overhead expenses and generates easier income, big data offers insights no one could have before and finally, why invest sweat in parts of the job that can be done by nifty applications, leaving energy and time for what really matters: the use of our brains.

proptech investments

3 Rising stars in Belgium (source: De Tijd)

  1. Sweepbright
    A mobile tool that allows real estate agents to make an inventory of their property and put it online and connect with their target groups (read publish in media) in a jiffy, including specs, photos, scanned documents and building plans. Good to know: real estate agents spend about half a day doing this old skool style… Sweepbright is booming, not only in Belgium, but also in the US.
  2. BePark
    An online platform that rents out available parking spaces and parking lots, primarily in Brussels. It already has some 35.000 users and offers abut 4.000 parking spaces, allowing owners to optimize their profitability. Users can rent for a day, or even for months.
  3. Aproplan
    Another Brussels start-up, Aproplan allows to manage building sites digitally: plans, projects and checklists can be managed without the use of any paper. Contractors, engineers and architects can use the app on their tablet or smartphone to share and discuss their part of the process, making reporting a lot easier. 80% of the Belgian contracting firms are already using it.

And this is only the top of the Belgian iceberg. More insights on proptech? You know the place to get them.