Print media : Cash burners or smart investment?

Print media : Cash burners or smart investment?

Once, there was only paper.
It might surprise you, but today, the printing media are more alive than ever. Despite all rumours about the unavoidable reign of digital, it’s still around, offering a number of advantages that online media just can’t compete with.

Yes, cynics might claim that print advertising has only relevance for a small group of people that are interested in very specific products or services. Or that newspapers and magazines are becoming obsolete because there is just no competing with the ease of use of news on desktops, laptops, tables and smartphones. But make no mistake : print is a supplementary media channel at least, and a lot more than that for certain age groups.

“The printing media are more alive than ever.”

We believe that print is here to stay.
• Maybe it seems to be insignificant, but print just is much more comfortable to read, and less tiring to the eyes compared to reading on a screen.
• Of course it’s more practical to read on a screen when you’re on the road, but it will distract you from what is going on in the real world. Print is a tangible experience, a ritual for many, a moment to cherish, putting reading at the center. It offers quality in a world where quantity rules.
• Printed media are more credible. There’s so much information online and that makes it more difficult to know what is true, and what is not. What is the value of the opinion of that empty-thousand individual ventilating his thoughts? What information is commercially endorsed? What separates the wheat from the chaff?
Ad blockers? They’re proof that consumers prefer to decide for themselves when going online. It’s a different ballgame in print. Consider this as on opportunity, as long as what is advertised, is entertaining at the least.
• Print might cover less ground than online, but today it is thé place to be : few advertisers believe in it, meaning less competition. And the reading breed is far from extinct yet…
• The biggest buying power lies with the new 30-somethings : the 50-somethings. They didn’t miss the online train, but they still do enjoy their ‘gazette’, if only at brunch in the weekend. They do it for decades now, and they will continue doing it because they expect some added value to online, that merely scratches the surface.

It’s all about the mix.
You will have noticed it by yourself by now. Print can be seamlessly combined with digital. Digital offers synthesis, print offers depth. Meaning : they’re perfectly compatible.

Thus, marketeers ideally should consider a hybrid media-approach. This way, their target groups get to see a wide range of interesting sources by combining the appropriate media, playing each their strengths. Not doing so would be a lose-lose situation.

After all, would you ask a developer to design a garden? Or a landscaper to lay bricks for that perfectly crafted wall?

So, if you ask us : give print a (big) chance. It might position you as the one-eye man in the land of those blind believing that digital is the only way to go.

And if you want an overview of all the possibilities, offline ánd online, here’s the place to be.