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Mission and vision : The shortcut to long term success?

Mission and vision : The shortcut to long term success?

Let’s start at the beginning.
There are at least 2 reasons (and some say more) why somebody starts or has started his own business : to market and to commercialise a personal passion, or to fill a gap in the market, thus taking advantage of a market opportunity.

Both are of course valid. In the first case because passion is a powerful driver, and in the latter case because the business idea harvests on a market need by definition.

One question arises though : what happens on the long term? Will that passion last. Won’t it be outgrown by the effort? Did others discover that opportunity you spotted?

In other words : do you have a compass that guides you throughout the full lifecycle over your endeavour?

First why, then what.
A mission (why?) and a vision (what?) help to determine a long term strategy and to keep everybody on track, even in these rapidly changing days of controlled madness.
Ideally, a mission is short and sweet. A good rule of thumb? Your mission should fit on a T-shirt. Your vision can be more elaborated because it defines how that mission will be realised.

“A mission and a vision help to determine a long term strategy and to keep everybody on track.”

Should you want your collaborators to fully adhere to this vision, one piece of well meant advice. Don’t fall into long, cliché and boring vision descriptions. You’d very soon would get the typical replies on the question ‘Why do you have a mission and a vision?’ ‘Because the others have one, too…’ And just for fun, should you need inspiration, don’t go over here.

Mission : characteristics.
• An answer to ‘Why do we do what we do?’
• A very clear statement
• Short
• Objective : to inform
• Activating
• Rational
• Distinct

Vision : what should be included?
• An answer to ‘How will we do it?’
• The actual way of approaching business challenges
• Long(er)
• Objective : to inspire
• Visionary
• Emotional


Some damn good examples.
Tesla’s mission
To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport

Starbuck’s vision
To establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow.

And of course, Gabari’s mission
To continuously reinvent and shape the advertising sector in Real Estate.

You might have noticed that the ambition of both companies stretches beyond selling nice cars or covering the world with coffee bars. In other words : their business strategy is thought through, and their path to further succes has been smartly planned.

And what does this mean for the real estate business?
For starters it might very well differentiate your company from your competitors. And in a highly competitive environment where most messaging is exactly the same and consumers get the same arguments over and over again, such an out-of-the-box mission and vision could give you the lead.

A finally : we’d be glad to explain you the real ins and outs of advanced real estate marketing. Our team might show you the ideal compass to get you to the next level, and challenge you to go the extra mile.