Millennials and Real Estate. A new set of rules?

Millennials and Real Estate. A new set of rules?

So what distinguishes these bright new kids on the block from the previous generations? We could talk hours about this, but allow us to keep it short and sweet this week.

So please have a look at the this distinguished guy’s argumentation below and, above all, watch it until the end. It might take 15 minutes, but they’re really worth your while.

In summary, shouldn’t you have had the chance to look at it : Millennials need -for well researched reasons- a place where they truly feel at home and are encouraged and coached to create their own.

Now if that isn’t an opportunity for the real estate business… Finally a different set of motivators to win these future spenders for a project, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of them?

And should you want to have a chat with marketing and communication professional for the real estate profession, feel free to contact these full-bred Millennials. You’ll see that they are perfectly capable to win the hearths of any previous generation using smart insights that will change communication tactics in your business.