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Email marketing : Old doesn’t mean worn out.

Email marketing : Old doesn’t mean worn out.

A proven strategy

Email marketing is far from a new trend, but even if it’s considered to be an old skool approach, it still has a lot of advantages. Especially in these mobile times. Data show that it is still one of the most efficient strategies to obtain a healthy ROI. So those that say that email marketing doesn’t work, just aren’t using it as should. This communication technique is designed to offer relevant, valuable and useful information (think DIY guides, links to blogs, industry relevant news, etc). It is not designed to shove sales talk through consumers’ throats…


Good practices

  • Develop a strategy
    A man without a plan is a man without a goal. So at least ask yourself what the goal of your campaign is, what results you expect, and how you will reach your targets.
  • Think segments
    Nobody likes more of the same. Think about what is interesting for your sub-target groups and take their expectations into account to determine your content.
  • Automate
    Thank god mails don’t have to be sent manually anymore. Some automate (use MailChimp f.i.) and gently push out their mails at a smartly chosen pace to obtain natural and well deserved interaction with their consumers. Others prefer niftier workflows to obtain results.
  • Be mobile friendly
    55% of all emails are opened on a mobile device, 24/7, anywhere. Make sure your design fits on a small screen, limit lengthy words and keep downloading times under control.  Also, use a one column design and put your call-to-action on top of your email.
  • Track your emails
    Be aware of who opens your email, and know what the CTOR and bounce rate are. Remember to A/B test, too. And understand that email marketing is rather a marathon run than short track boost. Your patience will be rewarded.

“Those that say that email marketing doesn’t work, just aren’t using it as should.”

Bad practices

  • Never spam. As in : never spam
    Being bombarded with stuff that you didn’t ask for, you probably hate it yourself, don’t you? One thing is sure : your consumers don’t like it, either.
  • Be boring. Not.
    Unless you want to vanish in obscurity, of course. Also : use active verbs, such as ‘find’, ‘do’, ‘discover’, ‘learn’ and… ‘buy’ and ‘invest’.

Good examples?

Strangely enough, it might look hard to find good email marketing cases. Luckily, Hubspot gives you an idea of truly excellent campaigns.

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