Design : Is cheap truly cheap?

Design : Is cheap truly cheap?

Plagiarism or tribute?

It is of all times. Whether it’s about music, literature, industrial or graphic design, people tend to literally ‘borrow’ from what inspires them. Sometimes they do it on purpose, sometimes they don’t. But when others discover this copycat behaviour, it’s rarely appreciated, leading to lawsuits in the worst case.

This happens in today’s ‘parallel’ universe, too. Online applicationsprograms and designs are available at no or at minimal cost and creating analyses and dashboards has become dead simple. You don’t have to be a computer nerd to do so and almost everything is SEO optimiseddrag&drop and WYSIWYG. Same thing for your blog, by the way. Need more inspiration?

The shortcoming.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with the above, but meanwhile everything looks the sameThat’s no surprise. Most are fishing in the same solutions pond : the one of Google’s search page, above the fold. Nothing wrong with that either. But…

The truth of the matter is that design is an integral aspect of your business – indivisible from revenue and profit. Bad design kills your brand, its identity and reputation, and hurts its distinctiveness. If your brand ‘lends’ its look from a market leader, rest assured that your visitors will attribute what they see to him, and not to you.

“Bad design kills your brand, its identity and reputation, and hurts its distinctiveness.”

For instance : logos are a key part of your business’ persona and any misstep is highly visible and magnified a zillion times. Know that it’s always much harder to re-brand (and thus, change your customers’ existing perceptions) than to do it right from the start.
Using mainstream techniques increases the chance that your brand image will look and feel exactly the same as the ones of your competitors. And that’s the part that doesn’t figure. Why would your visitors choose for you, if there is no difference whatsoever between how your design looks and what it offers, and other clones? Isn’t that money down the drain, directly going into another one’s pond? Do you want a meagre copy or something truly original that stands out from the crowd?


Design isn’t meant for furniture alone.

In fact, you owe it to yourself to at least tweak those standard templates, thus differentiatie yourself visually. Better even : to create your own unique look and feel, on all levels.
True, it’s very well possible that such an endeavour is just a tiny bit too complicated and time-consuming to solve it with your own elbow grease. Luckily, there is a whole bunch of specialists that can help you. And yes, it might cost more than a standard template. But in the end it creates a higher return. Guaranteed. Because we all know : if you pay peanuts, you get a monkey…

Checklist : what determines good design?

  1. Is it innovative?
  2. Is it engaging?
  3. Is it relevant?
  4. Is it differentiating?
  5. Is it functional?
  6. Is it aesthetical?
  7. Is it intuitive?
  8. Is it user friendly?

There you are. And should you need a hand (or 10) to get this done, let us know. We’ll get you swiftly on the right design track.