Content : light snacks are more easy to swallow.

Content : light snacks are more easy to swallow.

Crucial for your marketing strategy

Today, snackable (easily digestible) content has become a vital part of modern marketing strategies. Consumers can spend less and less time to messages, since more and more messages are posted.

So why are they snacking? The truth may be hard, but is because of bordedom. We seem to need constant diversion throughout the day : in a queue, while waiting for an elevator, sitting in the waiting romm of your physician, looking out for your kids at the end of a schoolday, … Whenever we’re on the road, we tend to glance at the small smartphone screen.

Digital snackable content therefor works best if it addresses the mobile consumer, because he likes to digest short messages that are easy to understand and that keep him busy. If you offer him such messages, you might keep one step ahead of your competitors.

“Never forget : ‘social’ equals mobile.”

Use the proper channels

Some Youtube videos, Instagram posts, Vines and Snapchats are perfect examples of snackable content. They can be viewed on any device (desktop or mobile) en seduce consumers to share content whenever it contains an element of surprise or admiration(e.g.. stop-motion, abrupt endings or cliffhangers).

Consumers might even do the job for you. Users of social media create their own snackable content by pinning it on Pinterest, by mentioning your message on their own microblogs, by linking something on Facebook and Instagram, by tweeting and retweeting, by posting movies on Vine and by sending Snapchats.

Use their content and replicate them on your own channels. A customer that posts Instagram photos of his shopping purchase? Repeat it on your Instagram account. Did they pin your product? Create a ‘Customer Favorites’ board on Pinterest and pin it yourself. User-generated content is an easy and effective technique to get your own content easily digestible.


‘Mobile’ is key

Never forget : ‘social’ equals mobile. Some 60% of all time spent on social media, is spent on mobile devices. So : always optimise your content for such devices. If your tweet mentions a link that forwards to a blogpost, make sure that that post is easily readable on small devices.

There. We tried to keep it snackable this time (for a blogpost). Want more? Just drop us a line, as lenghty as you wish it to be.