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Meet Gabari

Gabari ( ) is a full service Marketing Agency for project developers in the real estate market. We advise companies on the right marketing strategy, develop astonishing productions and use all physical and digital channels to reach the right audience. We combine the best of our real estate knowledge with fawless execution of production and media. Our clients are top of the market in real estate development (Besix RED, Ghelamco, Matexi,…). We have a talented team of project managers, driven media-specialists and graphic designers who are eager to meet you.

Job description

Over the years, Gabari has built an impressive portfolio of products, services and clients. Our company is known best for its long-term partnerships, continuous creativity and it’s expertise in real estate. We are ambitious in maintaining our leading position in the market. Since we are working hard to create the coolest production material, we want to make it visible to all. Our media-team is responsable for creating the right fygital media-mix and plan everything accordingly. We are looking for someone who is eager to learn the dynamics of the media-landscape and create balanced media-plans for our customers. We need you to understand our customers and our audience. Where you can fnd them and how we can reach them. Make up a strategic media-plan (you know: post here, pub than,…) and especially don’t stick to it. Adapt. Like the market does. Continuously. Make up your mind between dozens of channels and partners. Make clear reporting so our customers can see how (good) we work.

Prepare yourself, you will:

  • Handle media partners like your friends (no need for you to organize a bbq, unless you want it)
  • Screen the market for new media channels (watch out! they’re hiding everywhere)
  • Make up media-plans with a strategy (don’t put all the eggs in one basket)
  • Report on our internal lead-analysis sofware ‘LeadWise’ (the potential is huge)
  • General Support Head of Media (the moments you’ll look for-ward to)
  • Adapt media-plans where necessary (let’s do it better than good enough)

Your qualifcations

  • You’re a strategic thinker : Don’t just do things. Think. And then, just do it. 
  • You’re data-driven : You’re a numbers guy/girl! The bigger the data , the better for you.
  • You know (or very hungry to learn) the media landscape.
  • You have at least 1-2 years of experience in marketing or communication preferably in media or a strategic department and you have natural interest in real estate projects.
  • You love to read innovation articles during your lunch break.
  • You’re a team player.
  • You are entrepreneurial , assertive & have no fear to make mistakes.
  • You think in terms of solutions , never in terms of problems.

Your future benefts

  • A challenging job at a niche market leader of the advertising industry.
  • The freedom, culture & growth-possibilities of a startup.
  • Great colleagues who want to meet you and exchange knowledge.
  • Full responsibility of groundbreaking projects with premier league customers.
  • Free drinks, fruit and occasional team events.
  • An attractive salary and benefits are a no-brainer.

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