1 month – Creative/commercial Internship

Gabari is a full service Marketing Agency for project developers in the real estate market. We advise companies on the right marketing strategy, develop astonishing
productions and use all physical and digital channels to reach the right audience. We combine the best of our real estate knowledge with flawless execution of production and media. Our clients are top of the market in real estate development (Besix RED, Ghelamco, Matexi,…). We have a talented team of project managers, driven media-specialists and graphic designers who are eager to meet you.

Are you brave enough?

Are you too cool for school? You’re top of class but are you ready to challenge the big boys? (read: working class people) You want to spice up your cv with a month of enriching experiences at one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in Belgium?

Maaaaybe this is your chance. If you have the guts to apply for an internship at Gabari and if we accept you, be ready to have a lot of fun. Then get really ready to work your ass off,
because an internship only teaches you as much as you’re willing to give. This could be an opportunity to put your skills to good use and learn from the best professionals real estate
advertising has got to offer.

Students with mad skills and boundless creativity can send us their CV, motivation letter (and portfolio).

NB: only STUDENTS may apply, as we cannot provide non-students with internships. If you’re not a student but you think you have what it takes to join us, have a look our fixed positions.

Prepare yourself, you will:

  • Learn the dynamics of advertising business (production/media)
  • Support project managers or our graphic studio in creating value for customers
  • Create moodboards and come up with new concepts
  • Occasionally do some analyses, recruiting, organising
  • Be surprised with new daily tasks

Your qualifications

  • You’re best in class in a creative or commercial study, preferably a master (college/university/...)
  • You’re smart (Captain Obvious to the rescue!)
  • You’re an independent worker (we’re no babysitter)
  • You’re motivated (if you’re not, go for a job at your local burger restaurant)
  • You’re a team player (football, basketball,... work?)
  • You have no fear to make mistakes (no pussies around here)
  • You think in terms of solutions (never in terms of problems)

Your future benefits

  • A challenging job at a niche market leader of the advertising industry.
  • The freedom, culture & growth-possibilities of a start-up.
  • Great colleagues who want to meet you and exchange knowledge
  • Free drinks, fruit and occasional team events 
  • The possibility of a future (fixed) job! (please blow us away)

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